Tiana Belle has been living the world that dreams are made of since she was born.  Her parents, being active in the entertainment industry in Brazil, Paris, and Miami, never shied away from letting Tiana experience all that was entertainment.  “One of my fondest memories is being about 4 years old, dancing with the famed choreographer Nino Giovanetti and about 30 beautiful Brazilian dancers.  I just remember them all being so tall and I would just look up to them of course being 4 I was much smaller than they were, and think to myself, wow, I want to do that one day” says Tiana Belle.Belle’s mother, a former Queen of Carnival and Miss Brazil, brought Tiana everywhere she went.  “I always had my little girl with me, ” says Belle’s mother.  Her father, on the other hands was an entrepeneural genius.  Owning a hotel, a casino, and five restaurants in Puerto Rico, being interviewed by Mike Wallace at the tender age of 23 about business was just the tip of the iceberg for Belle’s father.  They quickly started Broadwayesque shows such as, Rio by Night, and Carnival which played throughout Brazil, Puerto Rico, Paris, and Miami.

Tiana had no choice but to dive into the world of theater.  She began with an incredible win of Miss Florida’s Teen at the age of 13, the youngest beauty queen in the teenage category to date!  From then on there was no stopping Ms. Belle.  Various roles in commercials and fashion shows took up much of Ms. Belle’s life in Florida.  She was ready and poised to make her dreams a reality.  Moving to California has begun the ball rolling in everything she has wanted to accomplish.  Print ads and fashion shows, such as William Rast, Coors Light, Smashbox, Nars, Make up Forever, Rock and Republic, Ujena Swimwear, Xango, just to name a few.  Shooting with photographers who are the resident photographers for Vogue Spain, Vogue France, catapulted Belle to a new level. “Performing at the famed LA Improv, was a moment I will never forget.”

Through it all Belle has remained humble and thankful.  “More than anything, I want to be a positive force in the world.  I want kids of all ages to believe in themselves and go after their dreams.  Life is meant to be lived and ENJOYED!!”  Is Belle finished yet?  Absolutely not!  With various film projects and charity work coming up, this is just the beginning for one Ms. Tiana Belle.